investment for growth

inspired by the art of nature

Seeds are magic potent vessels of nature. They hold entire intelligent blueprints for life. They can lie dormant for ages until the conditions are ripe for them to burst into life. As a beautiful metaphor for consciousness, a seed represents the divine design in all things.


Realising our strategy for growth.
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Growing is possible only through caring.
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Sowing the seeds for greater environmental responsibility.
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About this report

Scope of this report

This report is aligned with our Annual Integrated Report and covers the period from the beginning of October 2016 to the end of September 2017. We report on a regional and global basis, wherever possible presenting data over five years to make the information relevant, accessible and comparable. Safety, health, quality and environmental data is compiled according to international best practice.

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Message from Steve Binnie

Chief Executive Officer - Sappi Limited

2017 was again a good year for Sappi, with the focus and energy of our people enabling us to deliver another strong set of results. However, although we managed to build on the momentum of past years, we slipped in one crucial area.

Satisfaction with our performance has to be tempered by our collective grief at the fatalities we suffered this year in our operations.

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Message from Valli Moosa

Chairman - Social, Ethics, Transformation and Sustainability Committee

The Social, Ethics, Transformation and Sustainability (SETS) Committee provides oversight of the group’s policies and initiatives around sustainability, ethics, labour and employment, social and economic developmentand, with regards to the group’s Southern African subsidiaries, the strategic business priority of transformation.

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Towards our 2020Vision

Our 2020Vision was formulated as a strategic response to the megatrends which are changing the world in which we live and work, as set out in Key material issues. We have worked tirelessly to refocus and restructure our business so that we are better placed to respond to these megatrends and serve existing and new markets and customers. Our 2020Vision is well on track as we continued to focus on being a leader in our industry and a valued member of our local communities beyond 2020.

About our theme

Our 2017 theme Investing for growth, reflects our belief that success in the future will come from the seeds we sowed yesterday and continue to sow today.

Certification bodies

Certification bodies, eg FSC® and PEFC™, are referenced throughout this report, without providing detailed information about each of our operations’ certification status in each instance, to ensure ease of reading.

Certification information for each mill can also be obtained from our website


More information

More detailed information on many of the topics discussed in this online sustainability report is available in other Sappi publications, our own website, and third-party sources. Where available, we provide links to these sources.

  Related information within this report is cross referenced.

  This symbol indicates detailed information is available in other published documents on the Sappi website

  Look out for this symbol for detailed information available from third-party websites.


We follow contemporary ‘short scale’ convention; defining one billion as one thousand million.


When data is expressed in specific form, this means that the actual quantity consumed (energy, water etc) or emitted (emissions, solid waste etc) is expressed in terms of a production parameter for the period indicated. For Sappi, as with other pulp and paper companies, the parameter is air dry tons of product.


We standardise all our reported measurements using the metric ton equivalent to 1,000kg (one thousand kilograms).

Various websites, research reports, trademarks, registered trademarks and other forms of intellectual property are referenced in this report.

All of these, whether marked or unmarked are, without exception, acknowledged as the legal property of their respective owners.

We have used the following exchange rates:

US$/ZAR 13.4
US$/EUR 1.1