Key relationships – Civil society (and media)

We maintain an open relationship with the media, believing that an informed media is better able to serve public reporting and debate on any issue.

We continue to update the media regarding our strategic shifts to extract value from woodfibre in line with future trends. We engage with civil society organisations on issues of mutual interest and belong to key organisations relevant to our operations. We engage with various civil society groups regarding our societal and development impact.

In Europe and North America, close engagement is maintained directly and through the respective industry bodies CEPI and AF&PA with the FSC® and WWF International. In Europe, also with the PEFC™. In North America, Sappi is a member of the economic chamber of both FSC US and SFI® and actively engages with these organisations through a variety of working groups and committee activities. In South Africa, Sappi is a member of the local WWF organisation as well as FSC.

Shared priorities

  • Business developments.
  • The future of our industry.
  • Our impacts on our communities.
  • Protecting the environment.

Our response

  • We join key credible organisations as members.
  • We develop personal relationships and engage on an ongoing basis.
  • We provide support to and sponsorship for key organisations on issues of mutual interest.
  • In terms of civil society, in South Africa, our forestry operations belong to a number of fire associations, given that fire is a key risk on our plantations. Our innovative Abashintshi project continued to gain traction, helping to prevent the spread of fires. This has also been helped by the African Honey Bee project on our plantations. (See Sappi Southern Africa Sustainability Report on

Value add of engagement

  • Opportunity to inform and educate media.
  • Transparent, two-way communication and opportunity for dialogue.

The town of
Ehingen declared itself as Sustainable City (Nachhaltige Stadt Ehingen)
in 2013 to align with the UN’s Agenda 21 which seeks to promote sustainable development. The main objective is to provide the city’s households with energy generated on an efficient, sustainable und local basis in order to contribute to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Another objective is to strengthen public participation on municipal issues.

Ehingen Mill is one of the municipality’s cooperation partners.

Ehingen Mill | Image
Ehingen Mill