Key relationships – Suppliers and contractors

We are committed to establishing mutually respectful relationships with our suppliers and encouraging them to join our commitment to economic, social and environmental responsibility and to creating an environment that shares our commitment to doing business with integrity and courage; making smart decisions which we execute with speed. We aim to build long term value partnerships.

Shared priorities

  • Safety.
  • Transparency.
  • Increased value and decreased costs, security of fibre supply, certification, income generation and job creation.

Our Response

Given our focus on zero harm in the workplace, we work with our contractors to ensure that they follow Sappi’s safety systems. In South Africa, Sappi Forests worked closely with contractors and their workers to develop and implement its innovative Stop and Think Before You Act safety initiative.

We revised our Group Woodfibre Procurement Policy (see to align with stakeholder concerns and our stringent woodfibre sourcing requirements.

Shortly after year-end we adopted an updated Group Supplier Code of Conduct which incorporates safety.

  • SEU: A joint sourcing partnership assists in negotiating better terms with timber and other suppliers. In addition, the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), of which SEU is a member, participates in actions supporting and promoting the development of sustainable forestry management tools―including forest certification―all over the world, particularly in less developed countries.
  • SNA: The Sappi Maine Forestry Program and the Sappi Lake States Private Forestry Program assists forest landowners to meet their objectives for managing their woodland. Sappi’s trained foresters are able to develop a forest management plan geared to the interests of the landowner including wildlife management and aesthetics, marketing of timber to generate maximum return and providing an extensive network of environmental and marketing resources.
  • SSA: Qualified extension officers provide growers in our Sappi Khulisa enterprise development scheme with ongoing growing advice and practical assistance.

Value add of engagement

  • Security of woodfibre supply.
  • Improved supplier relations.
  • Better understanding of the requirements of the Sappi group.
  • Expanded basket of certified fibre.
  • Support for local economic development.
  • Support for emerging supplier/contractor development.