Key relationships – Unions

Given today’s extremely challenging global economic conditions and the current socio-economic dynamics in the South African labour market, we prioritise our relationship with our employees and their representatives.

Shared priorities

  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Safety and wellness initiatives.
  • Remuneration, working hours and other conditions of service.
  • Resolution of grievances.
  • Engagement on strategy.


Our response

  • We recognise the rights of our employees to associate freely and bargain collectively, consistent with regional laws and regulations.
  • Unions are involved in health and safety committees at each mill.
  • SEU: Collective labour agreements.
  • SNA: Collective bargaining with hourly paid employees and labour agreements with various unions.
  • SSA: Employees (collective bargaining); forestry workers (sectoral determination/consultation).
  • Well-established grievance channels and disciplinary procedures.
  • Engage with unions on economic conditions, market dynamics and growth plans.

Value add of engagement

Meaningful engagement on a number of issues affecting both business and employees results in:

  • Improved relationships
  • More stable labour force, and
  • Enhanced productivity.
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