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Saleable production (adt/a)


Comment: Saleable production (adt/a)1

In global terms, production was stable. In SEU, although most of the mills had a full order book in Q1 – Q3, production figures were down in Q4, so the 2018 production figures were not achieved. There was a slight decrease in SNA, due to reduction in Somerset Mill’s production because of the PM1 rebuild and operational issues (boiler pH excursion). In SSA, there was a slight increase, with paper production above business plan. However, dissolving wood pulp (DWP) production was negatively affected by new equipment installation issues associated with the DWP improvement projects at Ngodwana and Saiccor Mills. These projects, due to be fully completed shortly after year-end will add 50,000 tons of additional capacity at the two mills.

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