Research and development

Underpinning our strategy with research and development (R&D)

We spent US$41.6 million on R&D in 2018. Technology is a cornerstone of our business and is supported by technology centres in each region covering each section of the value chain:

Sappi Europe

Maastricht Centre of Excellence
  • Papermaking processes

Sappi North America

Westbrook Centre of Excellence
  • Coated woodfree paper and speciality casting and release paper development

Sappi Southern Africa

Forestry Research Centre (Tweedie)
  • Tree breeding
  • Propagation techniques
  • Silviculture
Sappi Technology Centre (Pretoria)
  • Fibre processing
  • Paper science
  • Chemical sciences
  • Environmental
Sappi Dissolving Wood Pulp Centre of Excellence (Umkomaas)
  • Applications testing
  • Fundamental cellulose properties

The annual global Technical Innovation Awards promote a culture of internal innovation.